Flagpole Installation

Marvin Display has many years experience installing flagpoles of all kinds. Our installers are OSHA trained. If you hire us to install your flagpole this is the procedure: Our installer will manually dig the hole in normal soil conditions for the flagpole footing, mix and pour concrete to secure the footing (a water source is necessary). We do not remove the dirt from the property. When the concrete is dry, we will deliver, assemble and upright the flagpole. Use of a hammer drill for asphalt, concrete or ledge will be an extra charge. The customer has the responsibility to make sure there is no buried service where the flagpole is to be installed, pull any required permits, and make sure the work area is free of anything that might get damaged from dust or our equipment. When determining flagpole placement keep in mind overhead wires and trees. Please let us know if you would like us to quote your flagpole installation.