Hinged-Base 60′ Fiberglass Flagpole w/External Halyard



In-Ground Fiberglass Flagpole w/hinged base foundation. External halyard, 7″ butt dia., 2.5″ top dia. Mounting kit comes complete with all fittings, hardware and anchoring rods. Includes halyard, cleat, flag attachments, revolving truck with finial and flash collar.

Two piece, using the beautiful Greek Entasis taper design. Unflagged, our poles can withstand 120mph winds. Each pole comes with a 10 year warranty on the shaft against manufacturer defects.

Our fiberglass flagpoles will not pit, corrode, or rust. This is extremely important near salt water or in rugged weather conditions. Unlike wood that can rot, or aluminum that discolors and pits, our flagpoles have an ultra-hard, gel-coat finish that is impervious to all weather conditions.

Fiberglass will NOT conduct electricity like ALUMINUM. No ground wires. NO LIGHTNING WORRY. Easy Installation!

Our standard flagpole has a brilliant white, pre-cast gel-coat finish. All poles have the same dura-hard, fade-free, weather resistant finish.

Please contact us for a quote for delivery or installation! If you would like to install yourself, we can walk you through the process.


  • 2 Piece Shaft on 50′-60′
  • 10 Year Warranty on the Shaft of the Flagpole From Manufacturer Defects
  • Will not pit or corrode
  • Will not conduct electricity
  • The high-quality gelcoat finish won’t stain or discolor
  • 10,000 PSI Tensile Strength
  • Unflagged Wind Speed: 120 MPH
  • Revolving Truck Pulley (Included)
  • Anodized Gold Finial (Included)
  • Nylon Cleat w/ Mounting Screws (Included)
  • Solid Braided Nylon Halyard (Included)
  • Strong ABS Plastic Flash Collar (Included)
  • PVC Ground Sleeve or Hinge Base Kit (Included)
  • Complete Installation Instructions (Included)
  • Installation Support